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When it comes to solar energy, Arizona is undeniably one of the leading states, boasting some of the top solar incentives in the country. With the Arizona State Residential Solar Tax Credit homeowners are able to qualify for a tax credit of 25% off the solar system. This tax credit does however max out at $1,000. The next state incentive homeowners can be eligible for is the Energy Equipment Property Tax Exemption. Given that the proper steps are taken on the homeowners end, the value added to your property from installing rooftop solar panels can be exempt from property taxes. On top of all of the other Arizona solar incentives the sales tax in some cases can be waived. But state incentives aren’t the only way to reduce the price of solar systems. The federal government as of 2023 has passed a bill reducing the total price of residential solar systems by 30% until 2030. The biggest hurdle for most homeowners is understanding the financials forgoing solar. It is much more economical than you might think. For a detailed breakdown to see how much you could save speak with one of our incentives experts!

The Time is NOW

It goes without saying that the sun is what makes installing solar panels in Arizona veryappealing. Arizona is one of the sunniest states in the country, but all that sun actually creates aunique problem for solar panels which is heat. Solar panels, like any electric device, can sufferfrom productivity problems in hot weather. Why say all of this? Well Infinity Solar USA hasalways prioritized the quality of our solar equipment. With our strategic partnerships with Silfabwe are sure to provide solar panels that are built to perform in all climates.

As the best solar company in Arizona we understand energy prices can be difficult to keep up with. Energy prices have continued to rise while your consumption stays relatively the same. Switching to solar helps homeowners own their energy, and can even lead to income if the solar system produces more than consumed!

Interested in learning more about how the best solar company in Arizona can help you save? Speak with our solar incentives team! We can provide you with information on the incentives that are available and help you calculate how much you can save by integrating solar into you rhome.


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Pleasure to work with...

This company was a pleasure to work with.  
I worked with Andres Diaz and he helped me every step of the way from planning what works for my house, to pricing, and was even there on install day. Andres always followed up and was always available.

Matt S.
I was delighted

Worked with a few of the solar sales people. Very up front, professional, and organized!
I was delighted to work with the owner and his fine installation crew.

Steven G.
You won't find a better deal

Infinity solar group made it so easy to go solar.
Their team was so professional and great to work with. I would recommend this company to anyone that is interested In going solar. You won’t find a better deal and team to work with around!

angel b.
Looking forward to saving with solar

Install finished yesterday and the crew did a great job. They were very respectful and hard working. Scheduling was the tough part but we were able to figure it out and get it done. Looking forward to saving with Solar and not having those expensive electric bills in Texas.

Jeff M.
Really enjoyed working with this company.

Tyler Pellum was very informed and responsive. I had some issues getting the local electric company out to finish up, and both Tyler and AJ were great at getting things going. Seems like a great system, since it just got started time will tell, but the company is very good at responding to questions so expecting it to work great!

Teresa W.
I highly recommend this company

My experience with Infinity Solar USA was great.  The install was done in one day with all the installers helpful and courteous.  The electrician went out of his way to make sure the appearance and interconnect was as good as possible.  The system solar panels and conduit interconnect are totally hidden when viewed from the front of the house and in fact you have to climb the slope in the back of my property to see anything at all. I am looking forward to many years of service from this solar power system.  I highly recommend this company and would do business with them again.

Michael H.

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