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Texas offers a range of benefits for homeowners looking to embrace solar power. As the best solar company in Texas, we are excited to help support your knowledge of solar incentives so you can make the most sound financial decision. First and foremost you might be wondering if your homeowners association permits you to install solar onto your property. In most instances this is not a problem due to Texas Solar Rights which gives property owners the power to go solar with proper approval.

The Time is NOW

The state of Texas does not have a net metering policy, however, most utility companies provide some form of credit for electricity produced from solar panels. This allows homeowners to receive credits when creating a surplus of energy and buy back when panels aren’t producing enough electricity to meet the home's needs. On top of all the state benefits given the federal incentives can reduce the cost of solar systems by 30%. Given that homeowners follow the correct steps, obtaining solar power can be hassle free and cost effective.

Texas is known for its abundant sunshine, making it the ideal climate for solar panels. With the speed of innovation in solar technology, modern solar panels can produce a significant amount of energy that can help meet your home’s energy needs. With solar panels from the best company in Texas, you can rely on our ability to produce renewable power to reach your energy goals. At the best solar company in Texas, we understand the importance of preserving the unique Texan environment. By installing a solar system, you not only power your home with clean energy but also contribute to the protection of Texas's natural beauty and reduce your carbon footprint.

If you're interested in learning more about how the best solar company in Texas can help you save, our solar incentives team is ready to assist you. We can provide information on the incentives specific to your area, ensuring you maximize the benefits available. Take the first step towards a sustainable future and request a free solar quote today to see how ntegrating solar into your Texas home can help you save.


You'll be glad that you made the switch!

Pleasure to work with...

This company was a pleasure to work with.  
I worked with Andres Diaz and he helped me every step of the way from planning what works for my house, to pricing, and was even there on install day. Andres always followed up and was always available.

Matt S.
I was delighted

Worked with a few of the solar sales people. Very up front, professional, and organized!
I was delighted to work with the owner and his fine installation crew.

Steven G.
You won't find a better deal

Infinity solar group made it so easy to go solar.
Their team was so professional and great to work with. I would recommend this company to anyone that is interested In going solar. You won’t find a better deal and team to work with around!

angel b.
Looking forward to saving with solar

Install finished yesterday and the crew did a great job. They were very respectful and hard working. Scheduling was the tough part but we were able to figure it out and get it done. Looking forward to saving with Solar and not having those expensive electric bills in Texas.

Jeff M.
Really enjoyed working with this company.

Tyler Pellum was very informed and responsive. I had some issues getting the local electric company out to finish up, and both Tyler and AJ were great at getting things going. Seems like a great system, since it just got started time will tell, but the company is very good at responding to questions so expecting it to work great!

Teresa W.
I highly recommend this company

My experience with Infinity Solar USA was great.  The install was done in one day with all the installers helpful and courteous.  The electrician went out of his way to make sure the appearance and interconnect was as good as possible.  The system solar panels and conduit interconnect are totally hidden when viewed from the front of the house and in fact you have to climb the slope in the back of my property to see anything at all. I am looking forward to many years of service from this solar power system.  I highly recommend this company and would do business with them again.

Michael H.

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