our process.

Helping you save money on your electric bill is a responsibility

we take seriously.

The process of installing a solar system on your home can be complex. From financing
options, to optimizing a system design, to permit submission, it can be a confusing and lengthy process. Unlike most other solar companies, we manage every step of the process with dedicated Infinity Solar USA employees and  leverage a single project management system to track progress.


Site Survey

A specially-trained surveyor will take all necessary measurements, photos and information to complete the final design of your system

Solar Proposal

Submit copy of your utility bill to allow us us to generate a solar proposal reflecting your current energy demands

Payment Options

Choose to pay for your system in cash or secure a loan through one of our lending partners


Arial view of solar panel array.

System Design (CAD)

Our in-house design team will input your details into a Computer Assisted Design (CAD) software to create your high-efficiency solar array


We will coordinate with local agencies to obtain all of the permits needed to install your system.


Panel Install

Our team will prepare all materials to install your system and schedule a time that works best with your schedule.


After the system is installed, we will schedule inspection to make sure it passes all local codes necessary.

Net Metering

Solar energy–powered homes can get connected to the larger electrical grid, in accordance with their power provider.


Once the utility company installs your new meter, our monitoring and service team will contact you to help set up your monitoring system.

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